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Let’s Talk: Who Comes First?

I've been drawn into the debate on if women should put their husbands/ significant others before their children. In this article, here, it is claimed that putting your husband first is the "secret" to a happy marriage... The article was really an interesting read for me. Mel Robins, the author of the article, spoke about two… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Who Comes First?

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2018 in Review

I didn't think I was going to get another blog post in with business of the Holidays, but I could not get this blog off of my mind, so here I am with my last post of 2018! I want to end this year with a post about my favorite or most memorable moments of… Continue reading 2018 in Review

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Exact Moment I Felt Like a Real Mom

I came across this article titled, 5 Moms Share the Exact Moment They Felt Like a Real Mom. I found it sweet how these mothers shared their experiences of when it clicked for them that they were in fact mothers. Some moms felt like a "real mom" during pregnancy, others not until weeks after their child… Continue reading Exact Moment I Felt Like a Real Mom