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Exact Moment I Felt Like a Real Mom

I came across this article titled, 5 Moms Share the Exact Moment They Felt Like a Real Mom. I found it sweet how these mothers shared their experiences of when it clicked for them that they were in fact mothers. Some moms felt like a "real mom" during pregnancy, others not until weeks after their child… Continue reading Exact Moment I Felt Like a Real Mom

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Malik is ONE!

So, I definitely hijacked this blog post idea from Chelsea's post on her blog, A Lunderful Life. When I saw her post, I immediately fell in love with her and her beautiful family + I knew I wanted to do a similar post for Malik! A few differences though because Chelsea is a first time mom… Continue reading Malik is ONE!

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Kid Leash For Me

I almost lost my middle child at the zoo. Let me paint the scene here for you. This was a free event with free stuff. So yes, everybody and their mommas were there. I'm talking packed. And if you know my middle child or me well enough, you know he is my "wild child". And this day, he was off the chain. He was constantly running off and not listening to me, maybe it was the dipping dots? HAH!

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I remember the exact moment it clicked for me. My mom was over at my house. I was sitting in my rocking chair with my baby, Deen, and I started crying. Out of nowhere- quiet at first, and then uncontrollable, snot running down my face, ugly cry. This freaked my mom out, and starts asking me "what happened, what's wrong, why are you crying?". All I could say was, I don't know. That's when it clicked. I definitely had postpartum.