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My Word for 2019

Me and a couple of my close friends love making yearly goals and finding different resources, planners, goal planning sheets, etc. to make goal setting all that much easier and more fun. A few years back a friend of mine purchased Lara Casey’s Powersheets and convinced me into purchasing a pack.  One of the assignments in the powersheets was to pick a word for the coming year; I believe the example word that year was intentional. Lara Casey then explained why she picked this word and all areas in her life where she would be intentional; for example, with her family, her husband, her finances, and her business. She then explains, what an intentional life would look like for her.

I haven’t gotten the Power sheets in a while, but one thing me and my friends made tradition was picking a word for the coming year. I believe mine for this year was “breathe” and honestly it could be again,; there were many moments this year I forgot to slow down, let it all sink in, and breathe.

However, I chose a different word this year. My 2019 word is… drum roll please.. COMMIT. The definition of commit is to carry into action deliberately.  So, it took me a minute to get to this and really up until I started typing this blog I was sure my word was going to be discipline which I still believe is a very strong and good word. However, I felt  perhaps too strong for what I am aiming for this year. For example, some synonyms for discipline are: control, regulation, and order. Good traits, but this year I am trying to release some of that control and order. I wanted my word to align closely with my goals and one of my main goals is to continue to grow and strengthen my relationship with God. And it came to me that a relationship shouldn’t need discipline. In a relationship you do things because you love and care about the other person and you want to do right by them. A relationship does take commitment though. And this is how I stumbled upon my word.

I chose “commit” as my word of 2019, and here are some reasons why:

In 2019 I will commit to….

continuing in building a strong relationship with God.

daily prayer.

more quiet time + date nights with God.

my blog (bi-weekly posts).

exercising three times a week (at least).

drinking at least 64oz of water a day.

more home cooked meals.

purposeful + intentional relationships.

monthly “weekend unplugged”.

self-care at least once a month (at least, the more the better!).

monthly date nights (again, the more the better!).

recruiting two volunteers a month for work.

spending less + saving more.

figuring out an additional source of income + plans on how to execute by 2020.


Do y’all pick a word for the year? Please share! Also, share some of your 2019 goals! 





23 thoughts on “My Word for 2019

  1. Mine this year is DO. I try to plan everything out and sometimes I don’t take action until things are the way I want them to be. But then I realized that I was wasting precious time. I can plan and DO things by faith…I don’t need to be in control of everything at all times because I believe it’ll all work itself out. But I need tot take the first step. Great post!

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  2. I could certainly benefit from that word as well! Committing to regular blog posts, committing to always better myself as a mom and a person and committing to my health.

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  3. I love the word that you chose! I, too, need to commit and follow through with goals for this year. Thanks for the suggestions for some goals to work on.

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