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Malik is ONE!

So, I definitely hijacked this blog post idea from Chelsea’s post on her blog, A Lunderful Life. When I saw her post, I immediately fell in love with her and her beautiful family + I knew I wanted to do a similar post for Malik! A few differences though because Chelsea is a first time mom and I am a mom of three.

Basically, Jesaad and myself answered questions about Malik’s first year individually to see each other persepectives on being a parent of three, and most importantly a parent to Malik.

Overall, this was fun, and it was very cool for me to see how similar me and Chelsea’s responses were to many questions! It goes to show that mom to one or mom to many we all have similar experiences; we’re all in this together!

We Have Survived Being Outnumbered For a Year!

Interview With Said Survivors

favorite memory with Malik:

mom: The first whole hearted laugh Malik ever had. Seeing all of his gums is my favorite thing. I laugh every time he does.

dad: Dancing with Malik.

# 1 baby item:

mom: Malik’s crib. Not because he sleeps in it, but becasue I am able to trap Malik and Deen in there with toys when I need them to be preoccupied while I get something done. I also agree with Chelsea’s answer to this question: COFFEE + I would like to add WINE! HAH!

dad: Diapers lots and lots of diapers.

one thing you’ve mastered:

mom: The feared “mom look”. I don’t even have to tell my children what time it is anymore; they can tell by the look I give them, lol!

dad: Changing diapers.

one thing you still need to work on:

mom: Recognizing each of my sons strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to expect the same from each kid but they are all SO different.

dad: Being more attentive + spending time after a long day.

One thing you miss the most about life before Malik:

mom: Honestly, I can’t really remember life before Malik. I don’t think this is from sleep deprivation or #mombrain either, lol. If anything life is pretty much the same but much busier, more chaotic, more laughs, more love. Life is good.

dad: Uninterrupted “grown up time”.

best advice for a new parent of three:

mom: Siblings fight! Let them fight + let them work it out. No blood, no foul. Is this because I am a boy mom!? LOL!  Seriously though, I would get so worked up about my boys always fighting, but I’ve learned to just ride it out (for the most part) I won’t always be there to fight their battles and they need to be able to resolve their issues on their own. AND, I definitely agree with Chelsea’s advice about remembering your foundation and relationship with your husband/partner. It is easy to get caught up in being parents and it can take over all that you are, but you have to remember the person you were and the relationship you had before children- yes it’s different after kids, but you have to work and continue to maintain that strong foundation if you want your relationship to flourish.

dad: Meditation, self care, + take care of you.

Malik is his father’s son because…

mom: He’s stubborn like him! He also grins when I’m fussing at him and makes my heart melt, just like his daddy.

dad: He’s beautiful.

Malik is his mother’s son because…

mom: He holds his tongue like me, lol. He is also silly, lovable and laughs a lot like me; we are both Libras so I expect nothing less!

dad: He loves physical touch + quality time with loved ones.

biggest challenge over this past year:

mom: Trying to find the balance of sharing my time equally and a routine. I think we are almost there though, lol.

dad: Balancing all things.

favorite baby stage (within the first year):

mom: Infancy, for sure! That stationary, cuddly part of infancy. I have never enjoyed the infant stage so much! I found the full on dependency of my other sons during infancy draining. I think with Malik I was more stable and comfortable than with my other two boys and I was just able to enjoy all the snuggles; especially the early morning and late at night ones.. because it was just me + him bonding.

dad: Right now. He’s moving + smiling + happy.

One thing you wish for your son:

mom: Malik, I pray that you are God-fearing, confident, with a soft, kind heart. I pray you find happiness in all that you do. I would say to follow your heart, but the thing about our hearts is that at times our heart can be misleading, so instead I pray you find truth in the word of God and you stand firm in what you believe.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. ― Kathryn Stockett, The Help

I love you.

dad: I want him to be big, strong, smart, successful, happy, + stress free.

All photographs in this blog are from Haley Cartwright. If you live in the Atlanta area and looking for a wonderful experience along with great photos, pay Haley a visit.


31 thoughts on “Malik is ONE!

  1. This is such a creative idea, and I wish I had done it when my daughter was younger. I still wrote down my own answers to these questions and I have similar answers to you as well. It is so interesting to see that even though different walks of life, we as moms connect on deeper levels, even though we don’t really know one another. haha. SO cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww I loved this post so much! It was so fun to read both yours & his dad’s responses to each question!

    Happy belated birthday to Malik!!! He is the darn cutest thing ever & all of these photos turned out amazingly!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg, I love this so much, Kesi! This almost brought tears to my eyes, and yet I was cracking up at J’s answers. I love how he’s short and to the point. Happy one year, Malik! I love you so much, and am so happy to have an extra boy in our group to love on!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I absolutely LOVE this! Someone pointed out on my post that my answers were so detailed and almost told as a story, where my husbands answers were short and sweet. It is so funny to see that yours were like that too. I love how similar our answers were even thought you are clearly a veteran at being a mom. Pretty sure I need to edit my post and add wine to the list! Thanks for sharing this with me.

    Liked by 1 person

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