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Weekly Wins

I’ve written about the chaos, and it’s easy to let the chaos take over all that goes well.. I want to never get stuck in thinking about the chaotic things and focus on the good. I did feel compelled to share a little of my chaos because it is easy to think that someone else’s life is “perfect”,  and I find comfort in sharing that mine isn’t and hearing from other people in my community who are willing to share their chaos as well; it helps me realize that I’m not alone in this, and that gives me some peace.

Anyway, this week I want to share with you all some good!

  1. Got me a Letter Board! It’s hard for me to purchase things for myself. I often think about what other, better ways I could use that money. A bill that needs to be paid, or something my boys could use/ do *insert mom guilt*. However, I made a promise to myself that every paycheck I would do something for me. Usually that’s a nice meal out with my girl friends, but I have been wanting a letter board for the longest time now and I finally talked myself into getting one. It arrived and I was immediately in love, but it was missing its stand. I didn’t want to return the whole thing, so I shot an email to the company to see if they could just send me one- well they did better than that! Not only did they ship me a stand, but they gave me a full refund on my purchase for the inconvenience!! Now you just don’t get customer service like that anymore! I ended up getting something for me for free!
  2. Labor Day. Monday was Labor Day… which meant no labor for me! I had a long weekend and got to spend the day with my family. Cooking out, eating food, drinking beer, playing with my sons, chit-chatting with my mom, and watching my man, dad, and son toss the football. It was a good day.
  3. Four Day Work Week. Does this need any more explanation?!
  4. Gym. I have gone to the gym every. single. day. for a little more than two weeks now (two weeks and five days to be exact, lol) and I no longer feel like it’s a chore. Don’t get me wrong some days I DO NOT feel like going. But I’m going 21 days to make it a routine, and it’s working! Even when I do not want to go, the thought of not going kills me- so much so that I went to the gym at 10 PM one night because I had such a busy day, but could not see myself not going! If you’re trying to make something a habit, I definitely recommend doing it 21 days straight!  OH! & I bought some pants my pre-pregnancy size some time after I had Malik and they did not fit.. not even a little bit & now they mostly fit, lol! That’s enough to keep me working out!
  5. Weekend Plans.. Okay, so this one hasn’t happened yet, but I am going to my friend’s birthday party this weekend and I’m so excited! My weekends have been filled with birthday parties for my kid’s friends lately and I’m excited to go to a grown up party, dang it!

So, what’s going well in y’alls lives?! Tell me something good! 


31 thoughts on “Weekly Wins

  1. Going to the gym everyday is a great way to spend time for yourself. My husband and I had been working out for over a year now and we are loving it . With us always busy at work we try to plan weekend for our family and some with friends. It don’t happened all the time but we try to do it when we can.

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  2. Love! Some of my weekly wins (from last week) to-do lists all checked and had a stellar weekend with my step kids – zoo day Saturday and Sunday was church, friends over, and then quiet movie night complete with brownies! Feeling good, today, and it’s a Monday 🤪

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  3. Its wonderful to take the time out of this crazy life and recognize the good once in a while. Also, I can totally relate to not spending money on yourself without the dreaded “mom-guilt” Its terrible!

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  4. You go girl!! Well done on going to the gym everyday. Fantastic effort. Even better that you are taking time out for yourself because it’s so easy as a mum to never do anything for yourself!!

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  5. Our win came on the tail end of our monsoon season here in Arizona. We went out to the acreage we just bought to start lining out where we are going to build our house and the desert is transformed into a grassland covered in wildflowers. It was awesome.

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