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Chaos Corner

It’s been too long since I’ve last posted. I have been extra busy these past couple of weeks, but I’ve missed writing and sharing what’s going in my life with you all! I’ve started incorporating the gym into my already busy life, so I am just working out how to manage everything. Today, I want to invite you all into my corner of chaos and some moments me and my children lost it these past couple of weeks.

Let’s start with my oldest son Isaiah, Isaiah lost it when I told him he couldn’t clean his room while watching TV. Isaiah also lost it later when me and his dad enforced the “no electronics during the school week” rule.

Next, Deen lost it when grandma told him he couldn’t push his lawn mower down the street. He went to the end of the grass and angrily shoved it into and down the street, so she had to go running after it! AND he lost it again when I told him he had to take a bath, but he played happily once in said bath. AND he lost it when he realized after this bath it was bedtime and he couldn’t go play with his brother or watch TV. Seriously, he was one mad little boy… for about five minutes until he fell asleep. This was one long day of freak outs for that boy.

OH, and even my baby is losing it y’all. Malik lost it when we took away something he found on the floor he thought would make a good snack. He’s actually lost it quite a lot for various reasons, but he is going through a leap (which ends in about five days, Thank you Lord because this was a lonnnggg one!), but anyway we will blame his freak outs on his leap, lol.

And then there’s me.. when didn’t I lose it?! lol. Well, I lost it over some stupid argument with my man. I lost it when Isaiah cracked my phone. I was proud though because I held myself together well. It was more of an internal freak out, lol. Oh, I lost it during homework time, and in the morning when we were all rushing out the door to get where we needed to be in time. I lost it when Isaiah got in trouble on the bus (more at the bus driver than my son).

With all that being said, there were many things going on and a lot of chaos in my little family’s lives these past few weeks, but its all good. That’s life! We freak out and then we get over it. Tell me some things that made y’all lose it recently..


19 thoughts on “Chaos Corner

  1. Thank you for being so real on this post. We all forget when looking at other people that they are only human going through human experiences, having human troubles in real human time. As you said, “that’s life.” You handle things the best way you can. Sometimes we freak out a little bit, drink a cocktail or two LOL and then move on.

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  2. Im constantly loosing it and I only have one child! Cant even imagine 3! Last time I lost it was because I wanted to go out have dinner and my man wanted to sleep. I still went out. Lol

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  3. I lose it every morning trying to get out of the house on time, when my kids won’t accept the color water bottles or socks I picked for the day and I too have the same bath time issue. I have to fight my boys to get in the bath and then fight them to get out. Don’t they realize they love it once they are in!

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  4. This post is so real and I’m here for it! My toddler lost it this week when I wouldn’t let her lick the empty Frosty Paw container (frozen dog treat). And again when she ate all her crackers. And again when she took one shoe off. You’re not alone ❤

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  5. I have two boys (age 3 years and 7 months), and it’s definitely challenging when you have a child throwing fits and tantrums over every little thing all while trying to keep your baby safe. Good job keeping your outward cool over your phone!

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  6. I love how real this is. I feel like so often we tried to hide the chaos when really, everyone is going through it. Your last sentence was so good for me to read – we get over it. That is something I need to practice more because I often hang onto the things that are bothering me or causing the chaos.

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    1. I used to do the same hang on to things, play it over and over again imagining how it could of went differently, what I could have done differently, etc… Then I realized that it got me nowhere but anxious and even more stressed. I try to use everything as a learning experience and accept, live with and learn from the experience. ❤ thanks for reading!


  7. Having kids can be tough, we have our days of losing it in this house too. My daughter lost it last night when we returned home from our trip. But I try to remind myself in those moments, that it is just a moment in time and I am trying to teach her how to appropriately lose it, because we all lose it!

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  8. My 6 month baby is losing his gah dang mind cause he just got his shots 😩 so that’s making us lose our minds 🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s been chaotic on my side as well so I feel you ✊🏽

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