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Summer Bucket List – Part II

I meant to post this this weekend, but we had a busy-ish weekend doing all things school to get Isaiah ready for his FIRST DAY OF 1ST GRADE! Which, for those of you who are wondering, went GREAT! He came home all smiles and said he had a great day! So that made me happy to hear..

I told y’all I would be reposting our Summer Bucket List right before he went back to school, so here it is!

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 3.35.25 PM

Family Bucket List 1

The boxes that are grayed out are things that we did do this summer. We didn’t get to do everything we wanted, (which surprised me because we had such a busy summer) but technically summer isn’t officially over until September 22nd, so we still have time!

Soo, I may repost one more timeWith more pictures! Here are just a few pictures taken so far this summer.



IMG_2907 2.JPG        IMG_2995

The last picture is my oldest, Isaiah before his First day of 1st grade! What kind of things did you guys do so far this summer? What are you still hoping to do?? Have any of your kids started school? How was their first days??

Though I have so much to be grateful for and will continue to list those things daily to myself…this will be my last public “Summer of Gratitude” at the end of my post..

Today, I am grateful for all of my readers that continue to stick with me, read about my life, and keep me encouraged to keep on blogging!


25 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List – Part II

  1. I love seeing posts like this! I’ve gained an appreciation for summer since having my daughter, because I have many summer activities to look forward to now that I can include her in.

    A BIG thing I got to check off my bucket list a few weeks ago was taking my first ever vacation (to California, no less) and riding on a plane for the first time. I know it’s crazy, but until now I had never even been to a real beach with sand and an ocean! But I got to experience that with my daughter. Several big things crossed off my bucket list!

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  2. So fun! This makes me so excited for my son to continue growing up! Sometimes I get sad because the newborn stage is over but there is so much fun to look forward to!

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  3. My kids are not old enough to start school but I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of other kiddo’s first days and hearing the mixed emotions from mamas. I hope your son had a great first day of 1st grade! 🙂 Such a fun age.

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  4. Oh you have the cutest kids!! So good to hear that Isaiah’s first day of 1st grade went so well. 😄 You guys were able to cross so much off your bucket list – I bet you’ll finish it all up before summer officially ends!

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  5. Fun! We just went to the beach a few days ago, my daughter had a few swimming classes, we got to try Popbar for the first time, we went bowling, I took her on her first Ferry ride, ok we did a lot. Lol I keep thinking we did nothing, but we did do a lot.

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  6. Amusement park is on our summer bucket list too but we haven’t made it to one yet. We have been to a museum, gone to the beach, camping, made smores and did a service project. Glad you are having a great summer!

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