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Boy Mom

Have a boy and everyone asks you when you’re trying for his sister. Have two boys and everyone says third times a charm. Three boys later and everyone says you HAVE to try just one more time! The pressure is real y’all.

I just can’t win. Wait, scratch that I am winning. Yea, sure me and my man talk about wanting a girl. How cute she would be. The hair he would lose, if he had any more to lose (I’ll get evil glares when he reads this, hah!), and the shotguns he’ll have to buy.

Just like with girls, we worry about our boys. Not so much about their dating life and who they will encounter, but we are raising three black boys up in this world. I pray daily that we do a good job in bringing them up to be God-fearing, respectable, outstanding, productive men. I worry about them being out and about in this scary, scary world without me there to protect them all. of. the. time. What I need to instill in them now to keep them safe in the future, but still have them enjoy their youth…

But what is wrong with just being a boy mom?! One thing about boys- they love their mommas! So, I’m literally the Queen around my house. And let me tell ya, my boys won’t let me forget it; it’s all about MOM!  At dinner one night, my eldest son stated that I was the only girl in a house full of boys, and that I was the Queen. He then stated how he  was the King, and when I asked him what his dad was, he simply replied that dad was the servant! LOL! We are still getting a good laugh from that one! I later had to reassure my man the only reason Isaiah held that opinion was because as a dad he does so well serving his family, which is the truth.

My boys keep me busy and laughing. I literally feel like a referee from all the yelling and time outs I have to do. But, I also get the best hugs and kisses. The best stories about bugs and wild animals, and ALL the fart jokes. When they’re older I won’t have to worry about finding a handy man.. I have three boys, one of them better be handy, lol!

Now if we were blessed with a girl I wouldn’t complain either! There is great in each gender. But why is being a boy mom not enough? And who’s to say I want more children? I love my boys, my heart is full and content. I may just have to wait on my sons to give me girl grand-babies, or maybe more boys, and I’m perfectly ok with that!

Parents with all girls, I’m sure this is the same for you! Do you get tired of the pressure from others to give it another go and have another child? Are the ones telling you to try again willing to fund this baby as well as pay for your new improved banging body after birth? If so, send them my way, lol! I want to hear from y’all!

Summer of Gratitude:

Today, I’m grateful for our home and all the things we have for our general basic needs. I understand that many people don’t have these things and I am grateful.


39 thoughts on “Boy Mom

  1. Gurl, even if that next baby is being funded I don’t want it… I am a boy mom yep, one solitary boy, he drives me nuts but he is my world… of course everyone and their 5th or 6th umbilical cord asks me when I’m going to give him a sister… -_- my kid is going on 13 just the though of starting allllll overrrrrrr againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn makes me shudder… lol… nice post…your boys are beautiful…

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  2. How funny! I love that they truly think you are the queen – I hope they treat you like it too! I think even if you had a girl people would still ask about your next kid. It’s just their nature as much as we wish they wouldn’t ask.

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  3. I guess people should just mind their own bussinnes. I get asked all the time when I’m goikg to give my baby girl a little brother and I ask myself the same questions. What is wrong with just having one child? What if I have another girl? Will they continue to bother me until I have a boy?
    I enjoy this one and if another one comes, I will enjoy it too.

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  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. I have two boys and I am constantly asked if I want a girl. My boys are 14 and 8, all I want to do is travel and take them with me! That have a baby gap is slowly closing for me, plus they make me so happy and treat me like a Queen as well. I feel so blessed to have them in my life, I wouldn’t change the outcome for anything in this world.

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  5. I am a mom to twin boys and NO, I am not trying for a girl! Boys do love their mommas. I can relate to your boys thinking you are their queen. One of my sons keeps looking at my wedding pic and asking me if I was/am a princess and did I have a castle? They try to sleep in my bed and tell my husband to go elsewhere! LOL
    I love your Summer of Gratitude section. We should all be grateful for the things we take for granted!

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  6. I love everything about this! I’m a mom of 2 girls but I always thought I would be a boy mom. God really has taught me a lot through my 2 girls (1 1/2 and 4 months old) and I think each gender comes with different concerns and different responsibilities.Just like you are raising your boys to be God-fearing leaders, I’m raising my girls to be Christ-loving supporters. It’s such an honor to have been chosen to raise my kids. Blessings to you and your family ❤

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  7. This is so cute, and it really touched my heart. I have a baby boy as well, and I think that it is awesome that you are raising your sons to be honorable men and honestly there are not very many these days, so I think the more women who are raising their boys to be good men is really a valuable thing. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

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  8. My daughter is my oldest and when I got pregnant with my son I had someone apologize to me that we were having a boy! I was speechless. I LOVE having a boy! He’s definitely a mama’s boy and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  9. Oh mama, you got your hands full. I am telling you though, boys are easier. I have 2 girls that are close in age and it can be a complete nightmare. lol You have a beautiful family!!

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  10. #TEAMBOY
    I wanted two boys and that’s exactly what I have now but everyone will always ask me if I’ll try again for a girl. Im totally fine with my boys. We are done 🙂

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  11. I love this article! Boy mom or girl mom there are amazing benefits to both and the most important thing is raising our children in a loving home and teaching them.

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  12. Haha, Zay is a trip! And I’m still so pressuring you to have that girl, even though those boys are my world! Could you imagine a sassy queen and princess in that household?! Also, it’s so cute J reads your blog!

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  13. No kids yet but I be blessed with whatever god gives me in the future. I found the part of your son saying his father is the server hilarious because I’m the only girl with four brothers and though I’m not the youngest child they all treat me like the baby. I’m also a daddy’s little girl while my brothers are momma boys. I wonder why it usually turns out that way

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    1. My oldest son is a self proclaimed comedian 😂 & It is weird how girls usually cling on daddy and boys on mommy! I ain’t complaining though.. but explains why dad wants a boy so bad! I would feel a little bad if we had a girl though …with so many older brothers and a crazy dad she won’t get away with anything! LOL


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