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James 1:19

“…let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger” – James 1:19

Oh, how I love sharing with you guys what’s working in my life! I’ve recently been trying to dig deep into my bible studies and relationship with the Lord. In this moment, this is one of my favorite bible verses. I have been thoughtful to apply this in my every day life. This verse is simple, but its so good, and something I easily forget. Especially when my first reaction tends to be to react; specifically when I perceive what is being communicated as negative.

Here’s what I’ve noticed when I’ve made an effort to obey this verse.

Quick to hear. Sometimes I am so ready to speak my peace and validate myself that I don’t really listen. I know the other person is talking and I may hear the words that are being said (particularly the words that offend me and put me in defense mode), but I miss what’s really being said.

Slow to speak. Taking more time to listen has helped me realize that sometimes there is no need for me to speak or what I wanted to speak on is not the real root of what is being said and I need to redirect my response. Being slow to speak gives me time to take apart what is being said and gain a better understanding.

Slow to anger. For me, it’s easy to feel attacked and in return get angry and defensive. Can anyone else can relate?! When taking time to listen and not rushing to speak, I’ve realized that sometimes what is being said is not intended to hurt me, but something I need to take in at that time. Maybe I agree, maybe I disagree, but at the end of the day it is frivolous to get angry at every decision or opinion I don’t agree with. If I disagree, it is easier for me to address with a level-head because I’ve processed what was said and took time to gather my thoughts.

Now with this being said, I don’t always succeed in following through with these steps, but with practice makes perfect. It is crazy how I see conversations go differently when I do follow these steps. I urge y’all to apply James 1:19 in your lives going forward! Let me know if you notice any changes in communication with others!

I’ve got a few other verses and lessons I’ll share my opinion on at some point. What is one of your favorite bible verses and why? Do y’all have tips on individual bible study? How do you dig into the word? I’d love to hear from y’all!

Summer of Gratitude:

Today, I am grateful for my faith and my ever-growing understanding of the Gospel and my connection with the Lord.


38 thoughts on “James 1:19

  1. I can not stress how many times I’ve failed “slow to anger”
    I am quick to get defensive and attack. It’s been a working mission of mine and I continue to pray on this. Loved this entry. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. This one fits with my day today. Had an all-out battle while homeschooling my oldest. After I sent her to the bedroom to cool off a bit, I had to go in there and remember to really listen to what she was saying and not get angry. I’m working on the anger a lot this year. It’s getting better! Thanks for sharing this verse.

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  3. Ohhhh I needed to read this! This morning, especially. I’m running on zero sleep and my kids have both asked me approximately 200 questions and I’ve already lost my temper with them. I’ll probably have to tattoo this to the back of my hand today. 🤣 Great post!

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  4. Favorite Bible verse is Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me” because as like many others, I have had struggles in life that only the Lord could bring me through. It is by His strength alone that I have overcome some of the things I have. As far as tips on Bible study.. find someone to be an accountability partner! That has been super vital in my life personally. And not just anyone.. but someone trustworthy who you can share struggles with and can trust.

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    1. That’s a great verse! Also one of my tops… Thank you for the accountability partner tip! I have a few friends I lean on when I have questions or am seeking guidance, that I can ask to take on this role.. 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the great reminder of this verse! I can completely relate to being reactive and not listening to the whole story before responding. It takes so much practice to hold my reactions until I have the full story but it’s so important because we then can have a greater understanding of the other person’s perspective. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

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    1. Yesss! I have found at times I internally chant to myself “quick to listen, slow to speak, quick to listen slow to speak” while listening bc I’m dying to react, lol! It definitely does help with my response though!

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