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Kid Leash For Me

Ok moms, today I am sharing one of my biggest “mommy scares” thus far.

I almost lost my middle child at the zoo. Let me paint the scene here for you. This was a free event with free stuff. So yes, everybody and their mommas were there. I’m talking packed.

And if you know my middle child or me well enough, you know he is my “wild child”. And this day, he was off the chain. He was constantly running off and not listening, maybe it was the dipping dots? HAH!

I was feeling pretty good though, exhausted, but I needed all to call me Super Mom because I had taken all three of my kids to the zoo by myself! Yes, I was there with my other mom friends and their kids- but I mean I did this event without their dad! AND this was one of our last activities that day, but our day had been jam-packed with different events since we woke up; so yes, SUPER MOM here, lol.

Then the tragedy happened. My kid was there and then in a blink of an eye he was gone. My heart sank. From where we were standing there were multiple possible directions he could have ran. All I saw were people. A lot of people. I remember silently saying a quick prayer and verbalizing that I was about to freak out. Then one of my friends said I’m pretty sure he had to go towards the carousel… brilliant! Then another friend ran in that direction… FAST (seriously, I can’t remember ever seeing her run before this day, so you know this was serious)! Then she had him in her arms bringing him back to me. The whole thing lasted maybe two minutes (probably less, I had no sense of time), but it felt like FOREVER. Seriously, this is probably the most scared I have ever been. But all’s well that ends well! And THANK GOD that ended well.

Needless to say, that was the end of our zoo adventure. I was ready to be safe at home with all three of my kids.

Long story short, I’m investing in a kid leash! I never thought I would need one, but never say never. What has been y’alls biggest “mom scare” to date? Leave a comment!

Summer of Gratitude:

Today, I am grateful for the abundance of events available for kids in my area, but also that I have friends and a partner to assist with my kids at these events! How about you guys?


22 thoughts on “Kid Leash For Me

  1. I couldn’t imagine the scared thoughts you had running through you head. You are a brave woman for doing an event like that on your own. There is no shame it getting a device that will make it easier for you. My second born is 7 months and I am pretty sure he is going to be my problem child so we will see maybe I’ll need to get one for him.

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  2. No shame in the kid leash at all! I will proudly use it when needed regardless of any “looks” i may get, knowing my kiddos will be safe if I can help it!

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  3. I’ve always been a supporter of kid leashes. Some places are just too crowded and busy for me to feel safe without one. You do what you have to to keep your littles safe 🙂

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  4. Oh my goodness I would be so scared. We are moving to an area that puts us really close to a trolley and a bus. Since we are so close to this downtown area going anywhere makes parking very expensive which means I’m probably going to get on the bus at one point or another with my kids. I haven’t been in your shoes my mom heart feels for you.

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  5. Every mom has at least one day like this, I feel for you! We lost my eldest at a church Halloween fest, he feel out of the bounce house, didn’t see my grandfather the. wondered off. It felt like the longest 3 minutes of my life. Thank God the people at church knew him and made an announcement! However I was hyperventilating!

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  6. That is such a scary experience! I’ve been there once with my son, he was 3 at the time. Not a fun moment as a mom. Agree with you on the kid leashes! Lol

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  7. I too almost lost my first born son at a mall in North Carolina where we lived at the time. One minute he was holding my hand, next he was off and running into a Halloween crowd of people getting candy. I almost passed out. I found him, cried and the next day I went to babies r us and bought a toddler leash. Yeah, people stared, made snotty comments, gave us dirty looks, but at the end of the day I knew my son was at the end of the tether. I’ll take all the flack than lose a child or get them snatched.

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