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Gone Protestin’

I did a thing Saturday, and it felt so good; I absolutely could not wait to write a post about it! I never thought I’d be one to attend a protest. There’s so many important world issues going on in the world that I am very opinionated about, but actually protesting the issue, nope- I didn’t think I was that person.

Well Saturday I became that person, I utilized my first amendment right and attended my first protest! Me and a friend went to a protest about what is going on right now with ICE and children being separated from their families. How could I not after hearing recordings of children crying? And crying myself while listening? Being a mother, this just doesn’t sit well with me. I keep trying to put myself in these people’s shoes and imagine how it would be to come somewhere looking for asylum only to be further traumatized by having my boys taken away from me.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I am not going to make this a bash Trump post. Especially because this has been going on for years. It just happens that I wasn’t aware of this and became aware while he is in office. And it’s not right. 

“If your response is, “The parents should not have brought their children here illegally,” know this: I pray to God that you never have to flee violence or poverty or persecution with your children. And if the day comes that you must and your babies are forcibly removed from your arms, I will fight for you too”. -Brené Brown

I understand there are laws in place and processes to take to becoming a citizen of the United States, but these people are leaving terrible conditions in hopes of a brighter future. While marching today I saw this quote by Warsan Shire: “you have to understand that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land”.

These immigrants are aware of the US laws, they know about the border control, and that coming to America will not be easy, but they still choose to try.

We have to do better. We cannot keep taking steps backwards. Today, I got to march with Georgia’s congressman John Lewis, and it was pretty awesome to learn that he marched with Martin Luther King Jr.! To hear John Lewis say, “Don’t give up, don’t give in, keep marching!” and to know he was involved in such a significant part of history was pretty inspirational to me.

Even though I’m unsure how big of an impact this single event will make I am proud to have done something and make it public on my stance. My friend said it best, “Saturday we were on the right side of history”.

`Here are some pictures I took from the protest on Saturday. If you would like to see more and check in on some updates you can see the event page here.


Have any of y’all ever protested before? What’s some other peaceful things that can be done to make our voices heard? Any thoughts on what is going on in the world today- with ICE or any other world issues? Let me know!

Summer of Gratitude:

Today, I’m grateful for my voice. I am grateful that there are certain things I stand firm and unwavering in and I am grateful that I am able to act.


3 thoughts on “Gone Protestin’

  1. I am so proud of you, not just for protesting but for also voicing your opinion on your platform. I wish I could have joined, and I wish this nightmare with those seeet babies being away from their parents would end.

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