Hills & Valleys

Hills and valleys. High and lows... I've felt led to post on this. I'm not sure why, but hopefully someone reads this and finds some peace. This topic was the focus point during a sermon at church awhile back and then that week while I was doing Hannah Brencher's bible study, First Be A Follower, the... Continue Reading →


Summer Bucket List – Part II

I meant to post this this weekend, but we had a busy-ish weekend doing all things school to get Isaiah ready for his FIRST DAY OF 1ST GRADE! Which, for those of you who are wondering, went GREAT! He came home all smiles and said he had a great day! So that made me happy to... Continue Reading →

Mom Life Has Taught Me..

This early morning situation gave me a lot of time to think and got me thinking of things I have learned being a mom... here's five things I came up with: 1. The Wonder Weeks App is the bomb. It wasn't until I had my second child and a friend of mine, who just had her first child, introduced me to this app. 2. Awareness. No one points out all your bad habits quicker than your children. I've always heard the phrase, "kids are like sponges" but never appreciated it until I had children of my own.

Boy Mom

Have a boy and everyone asks you when you're trying for his sister. Have two boys and everyone says third times a charm. Three boys later and everyone says you HAVE to try just one more time! The pressure is real y'all. I just can't win. Wait, scratch that I am winning. Yea, sure me... Continue Reading →

James 1:19

"...let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger" - James 1:19 Oh, how I love sharing with you guys what's working in my life! I've recently been trying to dig deep into my bible studies and relationship with the Lord. In this moment, this is one of my favorite bible... Continue Reading →

Kid Leash For Me

I almost lost my middle child at the zoo. Let me paint the scene here for you. This was a free event with free stuff. So yes, everybody and their mommas were there. I'm talking packed. And if you know my middle child or me well enough, you know he is my "wild child". And this day, he was off the chain. He was constantly running off and not listening to me, maybe it was the dipping dots? HAH!

Summer Bucket List

I made a "Summer Bucket List"... AND I've decided to share so y'all can sort of see what kind of fun things me and my family hope to do this summer! My list isn't too extensive because I really want to be able to complete it all! Isaiah helped me come up with some of... Continue Reading →

Gone Protestin’

I did a thing Saturday, and it felt so good; I absolutely could not wait to write a post about it! I never thought I'd be one to attend a protest. There's so many important world issues going on in the world that I am very opinionated about, but actually protesting the issue, nope- I... Continue Reading →

5 Things…

Five things I could not live without. This list will not include the obvious such as God, my kids, food, or water, but in case that isn't clear; I absolutely could not live without any of those! My phone.  Don't judge me! But seriously. It could even have no service, but my phone is so... Continue Reading →

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