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1st Blogiversary!

Well it's been awhile... and I am sorry about it. I love this little place and working through my thoughts with y'all, but life.. It's been so crazy busy! & I am rolling with the punches.. So, let me catch you up on my life a little before we celebrate my blog milestone! I cannot… Continue reading 1st Blogiversary!


Weekly Wins II

Can y'all believe it is March already?? This year seems to already be zooming past me and I'm struggling to keep up with everything. For one, I planned on biweekly posts and obviously that has not been a thing. I apologize, but I am going to give myself some grace here. Today, I'm going to… Continue reading Weekly Wins II

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Let’s Talk: Who Comes First?

I've been drawn into the debate on if women should put their husbands/ significant others before their children. In this article, here, it is claimed that putting your husband first is the "secret" to a happy marriage... The article was really an interesting read for me. Mel Robins, the author of the article, spoke about two… Continue reading Let’s Talk: Who Comes First?


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hey Friends! I always feel so uneasy when I leave my blog for too long, so it's about time for a post... Time has been flying! I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and Thanksgiving! Has it really been that long since I've posted!? Wow! Can y'all believe it is already "The Most Wonderful Time of… Continue reading The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Exact Moment I Felt Like a Real Mom

I came across this article titled, 5 Moms Share the Exact Moment They Felt Like a Real Mom. I found it sweet how these mothers shared their experiences of when it clicked for them that they were in fact mothers. Some moms felt like a "real mom" during pregnancy, others not until weeks after their child… Continue reading Exact Moment I Felt Like a Real Mom